Palm Beach Floors: 5 Exciting Options to Consider

Tile Installation in West Palm BeachFlooring fashions don’t change very quickly, but they do evolve over time. Remember shag carpeting?

Today’s floors are cleaner, sleeker, and more sophisticated than ever. If you are considering an update to the Palm Beach floors in your home or business, then consider these five cutting-edge trends.

Palm Beach Floors — Wood-Look Flooring

Wood has always been a popular choice for flooring. It’s natural, durable, and affordable. But real wood has its drawbacks as well.

For example, natural wood can easily be damaged by water, dents, or other common problems. That can put your investment in natural wood flooring at risk by even the most casual accident.

That’s part of the reason homeowners today are turning to wood-look flooring for their Palm Beach floors. This new style of flooring offers all the benefits of natural wood without the drawbacks.

Palm Beach Floors — Wide Plank Flooring

Advances in the technology used to make flooring now allows for longer and wider planks than ever before.

Wide plank flooring lets you use longer and wider pieces when building floors while also have fewer seams and joints.

Palm Beach Floors — Lighter Colors

Today’s decorating trends lean towards lighter, brighter colors and flooring is no different.

Blond flooring is growing in popularity as homeowners and business owners look to maximize light. These types of light-colored flooring materials brighten rooms while making any space look cleaner and more sophisticated.

Palm Beach Floors — Gray Is the New Brown

Gray colored flooring continues to grow in popularity, offering a modern look while still maintaining a classic personality.

Palm Beach Floors — Born in the USA

Finally, flooring that is made in the USA is experiencing a resurgence among consumers as homeowners and businesses look for ways to celebrate our national heritage while helping the national economy at the same time.


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